What Dan Quinn said after the 37-36 loss to the Bengals

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Thehead coach discusses the 37-36 loss that dropped his team to 1-3.

Here’s what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after the 37-36 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday:

OPENING STATEMENT: (Tribute to team photographer Jimmy Cribb). "The last two weeks have been tough as hell. All three phases, we had opportunities to close it. At the end of the day, we have to get these moments right. Both New Orleans and Cincinnati, it's some of the best parts of playing and coaching are those times and it comes down to the end to do it. We've got to nail those. Through the first quarter of the season, our record doesn't show that we have that part down. We've got work to do. We are a good team and record doesn't show it at this point. So, those three tough losses, we are going right back to it, to get the work and get the things corrected that we'd like to get corrected so that we are playing our best during those moments."

On the defense's collapse on the 16-play, 75-yard game-winning drive. "I thought the (defense) made some good adjustments coming out for the second half. We stayed with some of those. I thought we had our chances…We allowed a fourth down conversion during that drive as well. Those are the moments that I'm talking about, when it's time to close the door and shut it. WE are going to develop that instinct. We do not have it as we need to right now.

On if Isaiah Oliver played too soft on A.J. Green on the touchdown. "I'll have a better assessment tomorrow. My only view was from far field side and I didn't see it."

On playing zone on the Green touchdown. "….It was more of a changeup. We did play some more two-man. We thought we struggled with it in the first half and that was part of the adjustment…although you give up some in the run game. We played some more of that as the drive went along in the in. Looking back, what could we have done differently. We'll look at all of that, especially in the red zone."

On Blidi Wreh-Wilson. "We'll continue to work him in a number of different roles. His versatility at corner and nickel is really important. That's something that we'll look at even more."

On what he needs to do to change the course of the season: "Get it right. Yeah, for sure. That's what I told the team. I went through our first four games. The three losses we've had have been tough as hell because they've come right down to the end. It's creating those moments to find those right calls at the right time and putting guys in the right spaces. We're going to continue to work hard at that spot, certainly, we need work defensively in the red zone. That'll be a primary focus for us for sure. But as we get to it, we know what to do and we've got to do it better. So that part of our scheme and that part of playing the technique we're going to work through to get it right, and we're equipped to do that." 

On whether he is worried about the rest of the season:
"Not with this group. I understand where it could because of the close losses where the frustration could get in. The best thing about our team is the attitude that they're in for one another and the togetherness that it's going to take. We'll just throw all of our focus, all of our attention right into right now, and that'll be this week's preparation. But I will say, you've got to learn from these. Each year, each team is different. For this team, we've got to learn from these mistakes or errors that could come up in those times, and it's in all three phases. We have got to return that game back out. We could have converted on the last drive. The good part about our team is they do know it's all in together, and whatever moment it takes to win the game, we will do it."
On advice he had for players during the second half:
"At that point, you're ready to solve the problem. So obviously we had a problem with down seams on two of the plays that went for an explosive one. The first thing you want to do is attack the problem. And that's what the guys did when we came back in the second half. We were going to play more fundamentally sound because on two of the plays that took place, we did not play it correctly. And so, when that happens you can call it a bust or a coverage error. When those happen, you better get them fixed fast. I thought they did a good job coming back out for the third. But yeah, there's always those times where you have to get things restarted and going again, and we certainly know when to do that and did that." 

On the pass rush: "Yeah. It definitely felt that way, and I was glad to see it. I saw Takk McKinley's energy and Vic Beasley's energy coming off the edge. We'll take a good look at Grady [Jarrett]. I know he didn't finish tonight, but those three, in particular, stood out to me from a pass rush standpoint. They picked us up early on some of our pressures. At the end, it was good to see some of the four-man rush working." 

On whether he's concerned about the offense: "Here's the answer to the first part. I love that they're taking care of the football like that because that part, you've heard me talk about it for years and the importance of that. To get on the board with [Damontae] Kazee getting his interception today, I thought that was a step in the right direction. I love the way that the guys are going to attack and the different guys that are getting the football. I thought the running game and the play action got going and was aggressive for us. We'll continue to do that. Am I concerned where I think we'll play better as a whole entire team moving forward? And when we do that, the results will show. But until we do that, there's no other option other than that, you know, that has to take place."
On how important it is to take advantage of opportunities on defense: "All of it. Whether it's a sack, forced fumble, a pick or just owning your leverage on fourth down or owning your leverage on a critical down to win it. It's also part of why you love coaching and playing and competing is for those times when it's all on it. So yeah, those are the moments we're talking about, not his in specific, but there was plenty of them that took place during the game."
On being frustrated last week with old and young players not doing well on defense: "Last week I was probably talking about quite a bit of missed tackles. That's what you're referring to. With all the missed tackles and all the new guys, I wanted to make sure that was not the storyline. So that's what I was referring to last week, in regards to the missed tackles and the leverage. I don't know what they were today. It certainly felt like our tackling was significantly improved from last week."