What Dan Quinn had to say about the 23-17 loss to the Bills

Here’s what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after the 23-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday:

Opening statement:
"I was certainly disappointed for the fans here today and for the team. We certainly had our opportunities today and the story of today's game was the ball. For us to finish minus-three, you know how hard that is to win. We were able to do that last week and today, not having any. We don't look at that as an offensive or defensive stat or a turnover margin, we see it as a team stat and without creating any turnovers you cannot be in the plus. I thought it was uncharacteristic today, some of the drops and missed tackles plagued us at times. But the real story of the game was the turnover margin and that's something that we know we can get corrected and we certainly will. With that, I'm glad to open it up to your questions."

On Matt Ryan's performance:
"I'll go back through and get a better assessment on that for tomorrow. I thought he did a good job of creating some things. There were certainly some drops that happened today. We missed on a couple of shots down the field that we need to continue to take because some of those explosive plays that we will connect on will be a big factor. But as usual, Matt [Ryan] puts us in the right spot, in the right area a number of times to give us some of the best looks."

On the play call on fourth-and-one to end the game:
"We had two plays called, one for a certain look, one for another. We thought heading in, it would give us a good opportunity on a third-and-one to go convert it and get right back on the ball and get rolling again. We'll give them credit to have the play defended, and it was certainly a disappointing way for us to finish it."

On whether the look they got led to passing the ball:
"Correct. Well, I'll have to go back and look, but that's what I assume based on the outcome on that. There are generally two plays to go to, but as we go back through it, I'll have an assessment of that for tomorrow."

On whether running the ball was the other option on that play:
"Yep, that was going to be the plan if the other look had come about. Either way, we could stay in that personnel group. It just so happened that we had enough time there that you could have changed personnel group to take three or four shots into the end zone. The first thing was getting the first down and then get back on the ball, and then we would play again in hopes of getting the touchdown. That was the game plan going in, in that scenario: get the 1st down, get back on the ball and give us the option to throw it in the end zone."

On Damontae Kazee's performance:
"You know, heading in, I felt he was very calm and cool. You didn't feel any of the rookie jitters, so to speak, in his first opportunity. I thought he looked really level-headed and communicated well. Tackling-wise he had a tough assignment at times on the [running] back and did a good job with that. For his first performance out, I was certainly pleased."

On the turnovers the last two weeks:
"I think last week two of them were on the tips so we'd like to have those ones back for sure. I do know this: that's a part of our game that we can get corrected, and I know that we will. It is disappointing to have that happen two weeks in a row. I don't have a reason behind why we didn't emphasize it more two weeks ago compared to this week. It's always a part of our thinking because we know it's such a big factor in winning. When you're that far away, when you're minus three, to have a chance at it last week and this week — last week I think the teams that were at minus three for the season had been 1-9 and we were that one, so now we're on the same side as the normal team when you go minus three. Not creating them is also an issue for me and making sure we have our options. I think we forced one fumble today. Back in Detroit, I thought we missed some opportunities for some interceptions, I didn't think that was the case today. They did a good job, too; we'll give them credit where credit is due."

On using Tevin Coleman in the passing game:
"We like using him from out of the backfield. He's a factor in that way, and I thought the runners really made an impact again today. Not just in the run game but they were a match-up out of the backfield. The weapons that they are, it's significant. But more important than anything for us, let's get our football turnover margin in order.

On having injuries before the bye week:
"You never know when you're going to need a bye. Sometimes it's late in the season, and it's good. Other times it's early and before the season you may think to yourself, that's early. In our team's case this time, we're hopeful that we'll get a good bit of the guys back. We had five that were inactive due to injury in this game and then had a couple injuries within the game. So we'll assess that tomorrow, get a look back, but a number of them are close to returning and that's encouraging for us. We'll have a look and see how the guys are that were injured today, but for the guys who were banged up, we're hopeful by the time the Miami week comes around, we should have a healthier roster."

On whether Julio Jones wanted to get back in the game:
"Yeah, he definitely [did], and we spoke on the sideline and he was hoping that he could explode and he really wanted to go. He had trouble just exploding, and if he can't be him, that's a unique thing for him. The speed, the explosiveness so when he wasn't able to do that, that's when we had to pull him. He definitely wanted to go."

On the offensive line's performance:
"Number one, pleased with the run game. To have that kind of action for the running backs and the factor they were, that's what we expect from our offensive line. I'll have to go back and have a better look in terms of the pass protection, but I thought we had our opportunities today and we missed them. That's the disappointing thing. The fans were into it and right here at our spot, so we're disappointed that we missed our opportunities today. We know how precious they are, but we'll get the issues corrected that we have to and the first one for us is the ball. But running back-wise, offensive line-wise, play action, the run game, that's a big part of what we do and we'll continue to emphasize that."

On missed tackles:
"It certainly seemed that way to start the game, and where we had some missed tackles on the tight end, on the running back and the quarterback. I thought as the game went along, it got better. But I thought early on we could have tackled better. We were going too high and didn't get down for the legs. We were expecting that – a mobile quarterback on third down who likes to run – so we certainly went into the game preparing that way. But as we look back tomorrow, I would say the drops and the missed tackles, that's sloppiness that we know we can get corrected, and one for us that we'll really emphasize."