Shanahan is fine with Falcons’ no-huddle attack

Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan doesn’t have any plans to incorporate more no-huddle into the attack for 2016.

“We do no-huddle when we think it gives us an advantage,” Shanahan said.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was taught the old-school Cincinnati Bengals Sam Wyche’ no-huddle as a rookie by then offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey and quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave back in 2008.

Over seven seasons, Ryan grew to be quite effective when attacking defenses from the no-huddle.

“We do no-huddle more than most people in the league,” Shanahan said. “We don’t just sit and do two-minute no-huddle. But a lot of run plays that you don’t always notice, they are no-huddle.”

A pure, uptempo no-huddle would be taxing on the offensive line, which has to run a lot in the outside zone system.

“We do it a good amount and I think a little more than people realize,” Shanahan said.