Ryan leads Falcons to 26-24 win over Eagles

Matt Ryan had two interceptions and two touchdowns Monday night in the Falcons’ trilling 26-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dan Quinn said although touchdowns and interceptions were even at in the season opener, they continue to working on accuracy this week.

“Matt Ryan just keeps battling and going forward,” Quinn said. “From the offensive side, you really get a sense of where the competitors are and our best way to feature them.”

Ryan threw 23-of-34 for 298 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

In the second half, the Falcons’ offense returned to a powerful Eagles defense. Ryan threw his second interception of the game on a pass intended for Roddy White on the Falcons 9-yard line.

“With the first one, it was a pretty good play but the throw has to be a little higher in the red area,” Ryan said. “The second one was third down and we’re backed up.”

Ryan said he enjoying running the ball Monday with two carries for seven yards.

“It’s one of those things that comes along with zone run schemes and getting outside of the pocket,” Ryan said. “We did a lot of that earlier in my career. Not so much in the last couple years, but I feel good doing it and those were big plays for us.”

Ryan said the offense succeed Monday because of the work and dedication of the offensive line.

“For the first time going out there and (playing together) I think they did an awesome job,” Ryan said. “I think Chris Morgan, our offensive line coach did a great job of getting those guys prepared.”

“There’s ebbs and flows to every game,” Ryan said. “I thought we started off really well. I thought the interception going into halftime (motivated us) and us being able to capitalize off it was huge.”

In the first half, Ryan was 16-of-21 for 181 yards. Ryan had one interception and a completion percentage of 72.

The Eagles scored off Ryan’s second interception with a handoff to DeMarco Murray, scoring their first touchdown of the game.