Ryan excited, nervous about becoming a first-time Dad

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan admits that he’s nervous about becoming a first-time Dad. His wife Sarah is set to have twins in April. Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is set to become a father in April.

His wife Sarah is pregnant with twins.

“We’re obviously very excited,” Ryan said. “Sarah has been feeling great. We are excited to add to the family here in a couple of months. We are happy and excited. We are looking forward to it.”

Ryan has not been consulted about names.

“I know my role,” Ryan said. “I know my role and it’s to be supportive.”

Ryan wears jersey No. 2 and he’s having twins.

“It definitely adds some more significance to the number two, before that it was (that) I just liked it,” Ryan said. “Now, we have something for it, which is cool.”

Ryan nickname is “Matty Ice” for his calmness under pressure in football games. But he’s expecting pending fatherhood to be much more difficult.

“I’m sure like everybody else you’re unsure, excited, nervous and all of those things,” Ryan said. “But I’m just very happy for Sarah and myself. I’m looking forward until they get here.”