Rise up and do the ‘Dirty Bird’ with these Falcons-inspired songs, dances and remixes

The Atlanta Falcons are going to the Super Bowl and to get you hyped for the matchup against the New England Patriots, we've rounded up a mix of some of our favorite dances, remixes and Atlanta Falcons-inspired songs.

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Ex- Falcon Jamal Anderson's infamous jig, dubbed "The Dirty Bird," is one of the most original and memorable:

According to Complex Magazine, Anderson's dance was inspired by a move called "That 'Lo," which originated from his college crew. Complex named "The Dirty Bird" one of the NFL's most memorable end zone celebrations.

Anderson said in a 1998 press conference that "people break out and do the Dirty Bird in the strangest places," according to a previous AJC report.

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In 2012, Edward Long — son of Bishop Eddie Long, who died of cancer on Sunday, Jan. 15 — was inspired by the franchise's big season to write and produce a catchy number called, "Da Dirty Bird." 

Our favorite lyrics: “I love the Falcons; they’re the hometown heroes/They fly higher than the Cardinals, Ravens, Seahawks and the Eagles/Birds of a feather, we all flock together/Have faith in the feather, we fly in any weather.”

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Put your hands in the air for Sevendust’s “Falcons on Top,” rock song and video, featuring fans, cheerleaders and a whole lot of “Dirty Bird” love.

You’ve probably heard of MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit” but someone remixed the Oakland star’s hit song with an Atlanta Falcons twist, featuring video mashups of the players themselves.

For all the “Falcoholics” out there, this DeeMoney remake of Eazy E’s “Boyz N the Hood” titled “Falcons N the Hood” could be your next favorite jam.

And Mr. Celebrity’s “We That” features a catchy beat and hook and the video features some of the Atlanta Falcons’ top highlights to get you hyped for the game.

Do you have a favorite Falcons-inspired song, dance or remix we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments.


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