Revis takes his island to the Super Bowl

New England’s Darrelle Revis, who once was widely considered the NFL’s top cornerback, is making his first trip to the Super Bowl in his eighth season.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Revis said. “We have one more game left as a team to accomplish our ultimate goal, which is holding the Lombardi Trophy up.”

Revis started his career with the New York Jets before spending a season with Tampa Bay after battling back from a severe knee injury.

“I had a bump in the road, having (a knee) injury,” Revis said. “That kind of twisted my mind up a little bit because it was moreso me focusing on my health.”

During the rehab process, he had doubts that he could return to playing at an All-Pro level.

“I was determined,” Revis said.

The Bucs, under new coach Lovie Smith, didn’t want Revis because he wasn’t deemed to be a scheme fit.

Revis has moved on and finds himself in the Super Bowl. He believes that Seattle’s receivers will present a stiff challenge.

“By watching film you see it’s very tough to cover those guys down the field,” Revis said. “Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson scrambles a lot, which is very tough on the defense itself. It breaks the defense down.”

Also, playing a running quarterback such as Wilson will make coverages a challenge.

“Russell does a great job at breaking the defense down with his legs,” Revis said. “Scrambling and extending plays. In the secondary we just have to plaster when he does scramble and keep our eyes on our man.”