Quinn to consider playing Julio Jones in Mercedes-Benz opener

Falcons coach Dan Quinn will “consider” playing All-Pro wide receiver Julio Jones against Arizona at 7 p.m. Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Jones is recovering from foot surgery and has not played in the two previous exhibition games.

“He had a good week last week and did a bunch in the pregame,” Quinn said Tuesday. “If he looks good and wants to get some (action) in this week and keeps progressing like he has, that would be something that we would be consider.”

Jones announced himself fully recovered from offseason foot surgeryAug. 14.

“I’m in shape. I’m ready to go,” Jones said.

Jones had surgery to remove a bunion, a bony bump on his left foot that caused him to miss substantial practice time late last season. He was brought along slowly in training camp and had his plays in practice increased Sunday.

Despite the foot problem and other injuries, Jones led the NFC with 1,409 receiving yards in 2016.

However, despite being “ready to go,” he did not play against Pittsburgh on Sunday.

“I could play,” Jones said before the game. “But …we are not rushing anything. We know what I can do. It’s all about just coming out here and fine tuning.

“I’m just staying on top of my game and having everybody comfortable like with (quarterback) Matt (Ryan) with the timing on certain routes that we run, that I haven’t ran with him the past. Those are the things to come out here and stay on top of those.”