4 quick questions with New Falcon Austin Pasztor


Falcons offensive tackle Austin Pasztor is recovering for a pectoral injury and will not play against Arizona on Saturday.

Pasztor has made 43 starts and played 58 games over five seasons in the NFL.
Pasztor, who's 6 feet 7 and 305 pounds, played three seasons with Jacksonville and two with Cleveland since coming out of Virginia in 2012.

We checked in with him after his first practice with the team and here’s what he had to say:

Q: What was it like getting the call from the Falcons?

A: "It's a wonderful opportunity. I told my wife from the outset of free agency that I'd love to come to Atlanta. I'm so happy that they likewise wanted me to come here."

Q: Did know Alex Mack help in that decision?

A: "Definitely. When I came here to have visit I had lunch with him. We chatted and he definitely makes the transition easier. I can bounce questions off of him. It makes things easier. So yeah, it was definitely helpful."

Q: Has he been able to help you learn the offense? 

A: "It's an offensive combination of the offenses that I've played in the past with some new additions as well. So, a lot of it, I'm able to pick up. I'm just reaching back in that memory bank. It's been good."

Q: How’s your pectoral injury?

A: "I think it's doing great. I just taking it day by day to see where we are. I'm just hoping for the best."