5 questions with Joshua Dobbs at the combine


5 questions with Joshua Dobbs at the combine

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Scott Cunningham
ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 1: Joshua Dobbs #11 of the Tennessee Volunteers is sacked by Natrez Patrick #6 of the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on October 1, 2016 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs, who played at Alpharetta High, is one of the most intriguing NFL prospects at the scouting combine.

Dobb, who has his degree in aerospace engineering, has a backup plan if he doesn’t’ make it in the NFL.

“I want to design and build airplanes,” Dobbs said. “I know you get the connotation of being an astronaut from it. That’s the first thing they think but more on the designing and build side so I’m going to play football as long as I possibly can until I can’t play anymore and then go pursue off the field stuff.”

Here’s what Dobbs had to say at the scouting combine:

Q: Is accuracy the biggest thing you must prove here?

A: “I don’t really think I’m trying to prove anything. My goal is just to come out and be myself, have fun, show off my fundamentals, my ability to come out and throw with a group of receivers successfully that I haven’t worked (on) timing with, try and build off of my performance from the Senior Bowl.”

Q: What did Senior Bowl experience do for you and working with Browns staff?

A: “Well, one it was a lot of fun. It was an honor to work with the Browns staff and it was great to get around an NFL system and understand it in a week’s notice and go out and perform well in practice and ended up starting the game and playing well in the game so it was a great experience. And it was also cool for me because it was the first time learning from an NFL offense and see the correlations and carryover between the concepts I was running at college. It was a lot of carryover so it was cool to see I was already doing it at the college level and I’ll be able to continue to succeed in similar systems at the next level.”

Q: What do you think teams are most curious about when it comes to you?

A: “I think just coming in and showing my football intelligence, talking about my leadership capabilities and just getting a chance to meet me and figure out a little bit about me. I’ve talked to a lot of coaches. I’ve talked to a bunch of quarterback coaches from across the league and it’s been a great experience trying to install plays and seeing just how much about the game you truly know, how much ownership of your offense you had in college so it is a great experience and you meet a lot of awesome people.”

Q: Are you this year’s Dak Prescott?

A: “I have a lot of confidence in my ability, so I understand and I know what I can do at the next level and so it was definitely great to see all the success that Dak has had this past year. I met him at the Peyton Manning camp and he was a great individual. You could tell he was going to be successful at the next level and he has been and he will continue to be, so I’m excited. You go from playing the SEC, one of the top conferences in the nation and playing in the National Football League against guys that you’ve been playing for a while, so I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Q: Do you see yourself as a duel threat QB or pocket passer that can run?

A: “I see myself as a quarterback that is able to make all of the throws from the pocket and is able to use his arm strength and his arm accuracy but is able to make plays when necessary or needed for his team to win.”

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