Amy loves interacting with the community as part of her role with the Falcons cheerleaders. (Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter & Curtis Compton / AJC)

Meet the Falcons cheerleaders: Amy

This is the third in a series introducing you to members of the Falcons' cheerleaders squad.

Name: Amy

Occupation: Customer care manager

Education: Auburn University

Favorite Falcons moment: One of my favorite Falcons’ moment was going to London last year with the rest of the team. We had a really great time.

How long have you been a Falcons’ cheerleader: This is my third year.

Coolest part of being a cheerleader: One of the coolest part is getting to interact with our community and working with the youth around Atlanta. We really enjoy staying connected with our community.

Come back each week of the season to meet another member of the Falcons' cheer squad.

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