Rookies Lindstrom, McGary line up on right side for Falcons

VIDEO: Falcons first-round pick Chris Lindstorm speaks after his first practice with the NFL team. Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter.

Falcons’ first-round picks Chris Lindstrom (14th) and Kaleb McGary (31st) lined up at right guard and right tackle, respectively on the first day of rookie minicamp Friday.

“For them, learning the system, getting involved and being around (offensive line coach) Chris (Morgan), there is a lot that can get done individually with those guys,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “We parked them right next to each other. They already have a good chemistry together. I was pleased with the first days for those two.”

Lindstrom and McGary, whom the Falcons drafed to help stabilize the offensive line and protect quarterback Matt Ryan, met on a bus ride at the Senior Bowl.

“We started a great relationship and then played the game a few days later,” Lindstrom said. “We stayed in contact a little bit and then we went to the combine. Our names were right next to each other, so we spent the whole time (together) for four days at the combine. It was really cool.”

Lindstrom sent McGary a text right after the Falcons selected him.

“I thought it would be awesome to be together,” Lindstrom said.

McGary enjoyed the first practice and playing next to Lindstrom.

“It was fun, man,” McGary said. “It was the first day. Working the nerves out ... trying not to mess up as much as possible. It was awesome. It was good to play football again.”

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