Hardy, Hall get first punt returner action

Falcons looking to replace Andre Roberts

Falcons wide receivers Justin Hardy and Marvin Hall were the first two players to get a shot at winning the punt returner job on Friday.

The Falcons are going to look at several players as they attempt to replace Andre Roberts, who was not re-signed.

“We are going to put two each day that are going to catch live,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said after the first training camp practice on Friday. “We are fortunate that because (David) Marvin (can) punt and place-kick that we can punt every day. We need to catch live punts every day.”

Marvin and Matt Bosher will rotate punting.

The Falcons had Hardy, Hall, Calvin Ridley, Reggie Davis, running back Ito Smith and cornerback Isaiah Oliver returning punts during the offseason.

“Someone will catch live punts every day and post-practice work on the jugs,” Quinn said. “(Saturday) we’ll have two other players that will be at the front of the line on punt return.”

Quinn expects the battle will not be settled quickly.

“Then we are just going to keep going that way for a while,” Quinn said. “It will sort itself out. I think it will take awhile. It may take all the way through the (exhibition) season. I’m going to let it play all the way out.”