Falcons’ Super Bowl odds better in free agency

Atlanta Falcons: 20/1 New Orleans Saints: 37/2 Houston Texans: 37/2 San Francisco 49ers: 18/1 Los Angeles Rams: 35/2 Minnesota Vikings: 12/1 Pittsburgh Steelers: 10/1 Green Bay Packers: 8/1 Philadelphia Eagles: 7/1 New England Patriots: 5/1

The Atlanta Falcons have largely sat out of the free agency scrum, choosing instead to take care of their own players to make cap space for quarterback Matt Ryan, possibly losing ground in the NFC South.

Vegas oddsmakers don’t seem to think so.

After starting the offseason with 20-to-1 odds as Super Bowl contenders, the team’s odds have moved to 18-to-1 as other teams have razzle-dazzled with deals to improve their predictive standings.

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