Falcons quotes after their victory over the Eagles

DAN QUINN, head coach

Opening statement

“What an awesome finish. That’s a huge part of what we want to do in terms of the practices and all of the preparation that goes into it, but the finish is a huge part of what we’re doing so it was great to have that tonight. Certainly, turnovers were going to be a big part of it. We ended up even tonight, but none bigger than Ricardo Allen at the end of the game to get the tip.”

On wide receiver Julio Jones

“I think it’s just that he doesn’t back down. Any challenge there, he’s ready to go. It’s one of the things that I most respect about his game. He’s one of those kinds of competitors that is ready for it every time. He’s the guy that wants it thrown to him and wants to take the last shot. I can’t enough about him competitor.”

MATT RYAN, quarterback

On the game plan

“Overall, I thought (offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan called a great game.”

On the offensive line

“Getting our offensive line, with a bunch of new guys on the same page, and the way they pass protected the entire night. I thought they did a nice job.”

RICARDO ALLEN, free safety

On his interception

“They didn’t want to throw at our corners, so they wanted to throw it to the middle of the field. Our defensive line was getting a lot of pressure, and when he went to (bend) down and catch the ball, it was tipped up and landed in my lap.”

VIC BEASLEY, defensive end

On his first real game as a pro

“It felt pretty good. I went against a very talented offensive tackle. That just shows me where I can improve at. He showed me some flaws in my game that I can improve at.”

On if it was what he expected as far as game speed

“I knew it was going to be fast. I’ve seen saw that offense play, watching film on them I could tell they were a high, up-tempo offense. What I expected is what I got.”

PAUL WORRILOW, line backer

On having to chase down a lot of short, quick passes

“We expected that coming in. If he’s feeling pressure or he can’t get the stuff down the field, that ball is going to come out in front of us or in the soft spots in the zone. The emphasis is just leverage tackling and giving them good hits and making them pay when they are going to catch those easy balls.”

On if the Eagles wanted to make them tackle underneath

“I think so. Get some cheap yards, some yards after the catch. I think for the most part I think we did a good job coming down on those. Plays like that it allows them to get the next play off. It’s easy to line up again. You could kind of sense that they had a sense of urgency after those plays.”

GRADY JARRETT, defensive tackle

On his first game as a pro

“It was very special. With these being my first real NFL game, Monday night prime time and we get the big win—I’m just extremely blessed, man. I really enjoyed the win and looking forward to getting better as the season goes on and excited about what the future holds.”

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