Falcons pass on re-signing Shembo

Falcons have passed on re-signing linebacker Prince Shembo, who recently settled his court case in Gwinnett County.

The Falcons signed three players and released one on Sunday to go back up the 90-man limit for training camp.

“I think that we are just happy right now where we are at with the linebackers,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said on Monday. “We’re just trying to like heck to keep working those guys as we are going through it.”

Felony animal-cruelty charges against Shembo were recently dismissed in Gwinnett County after he pleaded to a misdemeanor and a fine. Shembo, who was charged with killing his ex-girlfriend’s dog, on May 29, was immediately waived by the team.

Because it was established that the dog bit Shembo first, the charges were reduced. He pleaded to a misdemeanor and a $1,000 fine.

Shembo could still be subject to the NFL’s player-conduct policy and may face a suspension if he re-signs with another team.

Shembo allegedly kicked his ex-girlfriend’s small dog because it bit him. Shembo was in tears over his arrest and release from the team, attorney Jerry Froelich said at the time.

“He didn’t mean to kill the dog,” Froelich told reporters outside the Gwinnett County jail in late May.

But the Yorkie’s injuries were extensive, according to police.

In recent weeks, Shembo was seen working out at the L.A. Fitness in Buford.