Falcons fans can defer season-ticket payments that were due next week

The Falcons will offer season-ticket holders the option of deferring payments that were due next week, according to Don Rovak, the team’s vice president of sales and service.

Most of the Falcons’ season-ticket accounts pay in four interest-free installments in February, April, May and June. Because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the April 1 payment can be deferred until July 1, Rovak said. The Falcons will determine later if deferrals of May and/or June payments also will be offered.

Fans will have until the end of Monday to elect to defer the April payment and “make sure their cards don’t get charged,” Rovak said.

“We’re not blind to what’s going on in the world,” Rovak said, “so we want to proactively … (provide) an option.”

For fans who haven’t made their 2020 personal seat license installment payments, which were due in February, the Falcons said they are “not focused” on collecting those late PSL payments “this spring,” but instead are working with those fans on their season-ticket payments.

Personal seat licenses are one-time fees, often financed over multiple years, for the right to buy season tickets.  According to the Falcons, approximately half of their season-ticket holders have seat licenses that are paid in full and thus no longer have annual PSL payments. (Those people still have to pay for their season tickets annually, of course.) Among the other half of season-ticket holders, about 80% have made their 2020 PSL payment and 20% have not, the Falcons said.

As for questions about how season-ticket accounts will be adjusted if the NFL season is shortened by the coronavirus, the league hasn’t provided answers at this point.

“The plan is to play the full season,” Rovak said. “We’ll re-evaluate if at a time anything is different than that.”