Falcons' draft board: Five questions with Charleston DE John Cominsky

The NFL draft is set for April 25 through 27 in Nashville, Tenn. and each morning we’ll take a look at a player on the Falcons’ draft board.

Today we’ll look at Charleston defensive end John Cominsky, who’s a projected fourth-round pick, who’s had a Senior Bowl meeting with the Falcons.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn said defensive end is one of the team’s draft priorities.

The Cominsky file: 

Height: 6-foot, 5-inches

Weight: 286 pounds

40-yard dash: 4.69 seconds

Bench: 225 pounds 22 times.

Vertical: 33.5 inches

10-yard split: 1.67 seconds

20-yard: 2.78 seconds

3-Cone Drill: 7.03 seconds

Broad Jump: 6-feet, 8-inches

Five questions with Cominsky 

Cominsky weighed 215 pounds when he graduated from Barberton (OH) High School.

He played quarterback his senior year and was moved to defensive line as a freshman at Charleston.

Q: What do you think about making the big jump to NFL competition for the University of Charleston?

A: "Prior to the Senior Bowl I would have told you you're going to have wait to see. Before the Senior Bowl, I didn't have much of an answer other than I'm going to have to show you that I can handle the competition, I'm big and fast enough."

Q: How well did the Senior Bowl go for you?

A: "After the Senior Bowl, now if I'm asked that question I can just point to the film. Just go check out the Senior Bowl. Check me out in practice. Check me out

in the game. It's evident I can handle this and I can make plays against these guys.”

Q: Can you pick one defensive line position that you like best?

A: "I really can't, I played in a sophisticated 3-3-5 scheme in college. I think (West Virginia) is the only other team thatruns that. So this whole 4-3, 3-4 that's all over the NFL, I'm all new to that."

Q: Do you have to prove that you can step up? 

A: "I can look at it that way for sure. I kind of harp on my negatives a little too much. But I can definitely use that to keep moving forward and keep bettering myself."

Q: How much confidence do you get from small school guys who've done well like (S.C. State’s) Darius Leonard and (Kent State’s) Kareem Hunt?

A: "I look at some of those guys. There's a guy Akiem Hicks who's playing for the Bears now. He's an interior (defensive) lineman. He was I believe like from a D-3 school in Canada, so hearing that story is awesome. I use that as motivation, certainly."


  1. Round 1, No. 14 overall
  2. Round 2, No. 45 overall
  3. Round 3, No. 79 overall
  4. Round 4, No. 117 overall
  5. Round 4, No. 137 overall (Compensatory)
  6. Round 5, No. 152 overall
  7. Round 5, No. 172 overall (Compensatory)
  8. Round 6, No. 186 overall
  9. Round 7, No. 230 overall

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