Falcons’ defensive play calling has been split for last four games

Linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich has been calling part of the defense since head coach Dan Quinn gave up the play-calling for the Arizona game on Oct. 13.

Raheem Morris, who was moved to the defensive side of the ball last week, told NFL Media that he called third down and two-minute defense Sunday against the Saints.

Quinn would not say who was calling the plays after the Rams' game, when he first revealed that he'd given up the play-calling duties.

“My job is to look at the big picture and see if there's things we can do to change that, and we actually started some of that during Arizona last week,” Quinn said. “I’m always looking to see during the game who can help on the play calling and inside of that. We've distributed that some in Arizona and this week as well.

“I'm always looking to do what’s best for the team in every situation, every time. We’ve already begun some of that. ‘How can I apply myself in other ways?’ We’ve certainly done that, too.”

Quinn went on to elaborate: “Sharing play-calling during the game,” Quinn said.

When he was asked who was calling the plays, Quinn said, “Some of the other assistant coaches.”

Ulbrich and Jerome Henderson, the defensive passing game coordinator, have been splitting the weekly media duties.

Quinn was asked last week if Morris’ move to the defensive side would affect the play calling.

“You know, we haven’t gone down that road,” Quinn said. “Jeff Ulbrich has taken on a good lion’s share of that.

“As we get to the game day, we’ll get more familiar with what we’re doing, but the main thing was with the players first and their technique and their communication, and that's one of the things that I really think we’ll see a ramp-up over the second half of the season for us.”


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