QB corner: What Matt Ryan had to say about the Saints

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan talks about the game plan against New Orleans. (Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter)

Here are three questions with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan on the Saints:

On which team is he preparing to see – a team playing man or zone: "I mean we'll be prepared for a lot of different things. One of the things that their scheme has is multiple looks whether it's in the front seven or in the backend. They do a lot of different things, they give you a lot of different looks. We'll have to be prepared for all of it. We'll have to have a good game plan and be ready to go for that."

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On Marshon Lattimore: "Yeah, he's a good player. Had a great year last year. Is solid in man-to-man coverage, solid in playing off in zone coverages, too. Has good ball skills. Certainly, (we) have been impressed by him so far."

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On Saints rookie defensive end Marcus Davenport: "I think their front seven in general. They've got some new backers, some new guys in the front four. But they give you so many different looks, they put guys in different positions and stress you across the board. As a whole, their entire front seven looks good."

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