Bucs dump 'Bucco Bruce' citing NFL helmet rule

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to the great disappointment of their fans we're sure, have aborted a plan to wear retro uniforms for their Sept. 29 home game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Bucs cite a league guideline, which requires playes to use the same helmet for all games during the season. The recommendation was made by the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee as well as the Player Safety Advisory Panel.

The team announcement says:

This change will ensure compliance with a new league policy that restricts the use of alternate player helmets.

Fair enough.

So here's the rub, the Chicago Bears played two games this season in different uniforms and different helmets.

Here are the Bears in their Week 1 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals:

(Photo: Jonathan Daniels / Getty Images)

And here they are in their Week 2 win over the Minnesota Vikings in a different uni:

(Photo: Jonathan Daniels / Getty Images)

Puzzled? So are we.

Perhaps second-year coach Greg Schiano is worried donning the creamcicle jerseys and white Bucco Bruce headgear will return Tampa to their 26-game losing streak in the 1970s.