Broncos fan spends $21k on Super Bowl tickets, but don't tell his wife

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A Denver Broncos fan is getting a lot of attention for spending thousands on Super Bowl tickets Sunday.

Justin Kerrigan told NBC Bay Area that he spent "$21" on a "Broncos Tailgate Package" when he landed at Norm Mineta San Jose International Airport before the big game.

Initially, reporter Bob Redell was shocked, thinking he spent $2,100. Kerrigan clarified by saying he spent $21,000.

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"Don't tell my wife," Kerrigan said.

"Are you joking right now?" the Redell asked. "Why?"

"Well, for four tickets," Kerrigan said. "We got the Broncos Tailgate Package, all that jazz."

Kerrigan added that he spent $9,000 for lodging near San Francisco's Levi's Stadium, where the Super Bowl was held.

And at least for Kerrigan and his friends, the investment was worth it, since his team won after beating the the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

But by now, his wife probably knows.

Reporter Bob Redell met up with a Denver Brocos fan at Norm Mineta San Jose International Airport, who said he spent $21,000 - (yes TWENTY ONE THOUSAND!!!!) on a package of four to the Super Bowl.

Posted by NBC Bay Area on Friday, February 5, 2016