Few more details about Atlanta United’s USL team

Atlanta United answered a few more questions Thursday about its USL affiliate that will play at Coolray Field in Lawrenceville in 2018.

Really, it seems like there are many details still being worked out.

Q. How will the field be configured?

A. See attached diagram. As you'll see, the fans will be right on top of the pitch. Grass will be placed over the infield dirt for each game.

Q. What will the dimensions be?

A. 110 yards x 70 yards. (Those are the same dimensions as Atlanta United's field at Bobby Dodd Stadium).

Q. Which locker rooms will be used?

A. To be determined.

Q. Will Atlanta United ticket packages include affiliate games?

A. We will announce ticket plans in due course.

Q. How will scheduling work with the Braves? Who makes those calls?

A. We will schedule around games. Quite a few teams in USL have a similar setup in a minor league baseball stadium, including the current USL champions, Louisville City.


• Louisville

• Harrisburg (Penn FC)

• Reno

• Sounders 2 next year

• Tulsa

• Las Vegas and Nashville next year.

Q. Do you anticipate long stretches of road games because of that?

A. No.

Q. Will there be a radio crew for these games?


Q. Why not play at Kennesaw State?

A.  They have football starting in August.

Q. Will the affiliate have a different shirt sponsor?

A.  Announce in due course.