Domestic assault charges dropped against Jerry 'The King' Lawler and fiancee

Domestic assault charges against Jerry “The King” Lawler and his fiancee, Lauryn McBride, were dropped after the two appeared in court Friday morning.

Lawler, 66, and McBride, 27, were involved in a domestic dispute last month at their East Memphis home.

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McBride told police that she had been in a verbal altercation with Lawler. McBride told police that Lawler held her down on the kitchen counter, struck her on the front left side of her head and pushed her against the stove.

She said Lawler went upstairs to retrieve a handgun, placed it on the kitchen counter and told her to “go ahead and kill herself.”

Lawler told police that he and McBride had been arguing because McBride had lied about where she had been. He also told police that McBride scratched him in the face, threw a candle at him and kicked him in the groin.

It is unclear whether Lawler remains suspended from the WWE.