What Georgia Tech players said

Quarterback Justin Thomas on the game’s ending

“It was probably one of the craziest ones I’ve been in, and I’ve been in quite a few. Like I was telling them out there, it felt like a movie. But we stuck together, we kept our heads up high and we found a way to do it. There were a lot of guys that made some big plays at the end.”

Thomas on the rain

“It was strange. It wasn’t a regular rain. It was there, but it wasn’t affecting it too much. I can’t describe it, but, of course, you can play your regular game with any type of weather conditions like this.”

Center Freddie Burden on the atmosphere

“We brought a great fan base over here. It was almost like our home stadium. When we ran out, you could hear the whole stadium just erupt. I felt comfortable out there. Thankful for our fans coming over and supporting us.”

B-back Dedrick Mills on his touchdown

“After I fumbled that ball the first time, I kind of got down, but then Justin mainly kept coming back up to me: ‘Hey, you’ve got to forget that last play. It’s time to play another play. That play’s over with. What can you do about it now? You can’t do anything about it.’ I got my chance again. I just had to finish the play and drive the ball in.”

Safety Corey Griffin on feeling the time difference

“Not at all. I think Coach (Paul) Johnson did a great deal with us when we first got here, keeping us up, keeping us active, to get our bodies adjusted to the time.”

Linebacker Brant Mitchell on the trip

“I enjoyed it. I think Ireland’s beautiful. We got to take a bus tour of Dublin. The people are awesome here, very welcoming.”