What Georgia Tech players said after the spring game

Comments after Friday’s spring game from linebacker Brant Mitchell, kicker Shawn Davis, quarterback TaQuon Marshall, B-backs KirVonte Benson and Brady Swilling and safety A.J. Gray.


“One major point that I’ve been trying to work on is my pass rush. It’s been a big emphasis with me in using my hands. I think as our d-line’s concerned, we’ve got a lot of guys rushing the ball and that helps freeing me up, too. I think it’s all around and it takes everybody.”

On where the defense can improve:

“Definitely getting off blocks and making a tackle after. That’s a big emphasis with me. As a team, we’ve got to wrap up, too. There was a lot of missed tackles out there today. I know I had a few. That’s a big emphasis – we’ve got to tackle better.”

On quarterback Jay Jones:

“Jay’s very elusive. He’s a good quarterback. And I think he’s going to be really important to the success of our offense this year. I’m excited to see what he can do to somebody else and stop making me look stupid.”


“It felt good to get back in a game atmosphere. I haven’t done that much the past couple years. It felt like this spring I had something to capitalize (on), just pretty much being here by myself, so just throughout the spring, just trying to show coaches I can be the guy. Tonight felt like it was a good game, so I was happy with how everything went.”


“It was great. Got to get out in front of the fans a little bit. It wasn’t like a regular scrimmage. I got to see what it is going to be like in a game atmosphere a little bit, so it was exciting to see everybody fly around a little bit. I enjoyed it. It was fun.”

On his progress:

“I’m very comfortable. I could tell by watching the film how fast I played, so I was very comfortable this spring now that I’m at quarterback.”


“It felt real good, being able to showcase what I can do. I’ve been out for a while, maybe two years now, so being able to show that I’m healthy, showing that I can still compete, I can still perform with the best of them is a beneficial thing for me.”


On his game-winning touchdown catch:

“When it was coming to me, really the only thing I was thinking was, if I drop this, there’s no living that down. So one thing after another and just got to focus on the catch first.”


On the game-ending interception:

“Coach Mac (safeties coach Andy McCollum) always says, ‘Don’t stop running to the ball because you never know what’s going to happen.’ I was right there and I kept running and didn’t give up.”