What Georgia Tech players said after the Duke game

Comments from Georgia Tech players Anree Saint-Amour, Lamont Simmons, Malachi Carter, Jerry Howard, Tre Swilling and Kenny Cooper following the Yellow Jackets’ loss to Duke Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium:


On going into the open date:

“We’re going into a bye week so we’ve got a lot of time to sit on this loss and get ready for the next game. Just going into it, we’ve just got to be, like I said before, just executing everything we’ve got to execute and make less mistakes in a game and win out, win every game that we (play).”


On being 3-4:

“Definitely not how you expect your senior season to go, but we just have to keep fighting and keep pushing through to win these next few games. Take it one game at a time.”


On his third-quarter fumble:

I’m not sure what happened, but I know that’s unacceptable and we’re going to fix it as a team. Not just mine, everybody else’s too. So we’re going to fix that as a team coming back.


In difference between Duke’s cornerbacks and those of Louisville and Bowling Green:

“The difference I saw playing Duke’s defensive backs, they kind of kept their eyes inside a lot more watching for the run and more reacting towards the ball than at me and eyes on me manning me up. So it was a lot different. It was a little easier to run routes against them because they’re not thinking about us passing the ball first. They’re strong on their run game, so they’re kind of shooting to that ball. It was kind of hard. If (the play) is going to the left – I’m on the right – kind of hard to get in position because they’re really definitely going to that ball right when it’s handed off or ran that way.”


On Duke’s offense:

“As has been shown, their offense is really good. They do a lot of smoke and mirrors and kind of get your eyes all over the place. But we prided ourselves this week on keeping our eyes in the right place and being able to key in in our assignments and react. It was pretty difficult playing against them, but it wasn’t impossible to play against them.”


On mistakes by the offense:

“It’s frustrating to do that but I just think we just need to get back to the way we were doing it, not turning the ball over. The past two weeks, no penalties, really, and no fumbles and look at the scores of those (games). That just killed us today.”

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