What Boston College coach Steve Addazio said

On Georgia Tech quarterback Justin Thomas:

“A dominant senior veteran player can make those plays at the end of a game. He made them. That’s why he’s a (heck) of a player and we knew that going in. He’s been in that offense for his whole career, he’s very, very comfortable and he has a knack for making the plays that he can make in that offense. That’s a credit to him. That’s what great players do. He basically took that game into his hands at the end.”

On losing:

“Bitterly disappointed. We had it right in our grasp.”

On the end of the game:

“We wanted our defense to have the game in their hand at the end, period end.”

On where Boston College lost:

“The tale of this game was two missed opportunities in the red zone, two field goals missed and about four plays on defense. And, really, it was about four, but those four were costly plays that got ’em out of three 3rd-and-longs and one 4th-and-20. Those were the story, on those four plays. You take those two things and put ’em together, it cost us the football game.”