‘Touchdown Vulture’ adapting to role

With three touchdowns, Georgia Tech quarterback Tim Byerly is tied for the team lead with wide receiver DeAndre Smelter and B-back Zach Laskey. Quarterback Justin Thomas, who plays a large majority of the snaps at quarterback, has one score.

“A lot of the guys are calling me Timmy Touchdown now,” Byerly said. “Touchdown Stealer, Touchdown Vulture, something like that.”

With more size and heft than Thomas, Byerly has been used as a goal-line quarterback for the Yellow Jackets and a short-yardage option elsewhere on the field.

Not knowing when he might go in, “it is somewhat nerve-wracking on the sideline, just because I know I’m very, very close, a play away,” he said. “But it helps me stay in the game. If I wasn’t that way, if Coach (Paul Johnson) called my name (only) in the fourth quarter, who knows where my mental game would be? So I kind of like it, just to keep me really in tune and know that there is already a good possibility of me going in.”