Ron Hunter’s reaction to Levick’s transition

Georgia State men’s basketball coach Ron Hunter said on Friday that he is glad that Cheryl Levick is taking care of her health.

Levick announced on Friday that she will transition from her role as athletic director into a special assistant to university president Mark Becker by the end of June. Among the reasons she cited was the need to take care of a non-life threatening health issue.

“I will always be thankful for Cheryl,” Hunter said. “She hired me. As a coach, you get nervous because you are going to get a new boss. But my first reaction is I want Cheryl to be OK.”

Through the use of a search firm, Levick hired Hunter in 2011 after he spent the previous 17 years at IUPUI.

Hunter has led the Panthers to two of the best seasons in school history: 22-12 in 2011-12 and 25-9 and a Sun Belt regular-season title last year.

“If there was something that at the end of the day I needed to build the program, she was there for me,” Hunter said.

As examples, he cited Levick helping to get out of some contracts for games that Hunter inherited and didn’t like.

Most importantly, she helped lead the effort to renovate the locker rooms.

“Very first thing when I go there, they were embarrassed to show me the locker rooms,” he said. “She told me that would change, within three years that changed.”