Leggett, Weimerskirch start B-back competition

On the first day of Georgia Tech’s spring practice, the competition began at B-back for C.J. Leggett and Quaide Weimerskirch. With the Yellow Jackets having lost their top three B-backs to graduation (Synjyn Days, Zach Laskey and Matt Connors), Leggett and Weimerskirch are freshmen vying to win the starting job.

Weimerskirch is an early-enrollee freshman, Leggett was a redshirt last season. Signee Mikell Lands-Davis will arrive in the summer. Brady Swilling, a walk-on who previously played quarterback, has switched to B-back.

“He’s swimming (mentally) a little bit right now, but I’m glad we’ve got him here,” quarterbacks and B-backs coach Bryan Cook said of Weimerskirch in his first-ever college practice.

With Leggett having a year’s worth of practice experience, Cook said his goal for Weimerskirch is to develop enough familiarity in the first three or four practices to allow coaches to evaluate him against Leggett.

“Really, you’d like him to push C.J. and compete and let’s play the best guy and figure out who it is,” Cook said.

Cook said that, since arriving on campus, Weimerskirch had been learning the offense with the help of the team’s quarterbacks.

“He’s done a decent job of figuring things out,” Cook said. “He’s a smart kid.”

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