Justin Fields wants to focus on Ohio State, not look back at UGA

Fans wondering what went wrong for Justin Fields at Georgia— beyond the obvious of him not beating out Jake Fromm — will have to keep wondering.

According to the Detroit News, Fields would not reveal any background on why he left the Bulldogs program after one season.

Fields, who is sill awaiting approval from the NCAA for an immediate transfer, met with media in Columbus with an Ohio State administrator standing nearby and determining what questions he could answer.

“We’re not going to go there,” the Ohio State administrator commanded at one point.

Fields followed the orders of his new school during the media session.

"I'd really rather not talk about why I left," Fields told the Detroit News. "I'd rather talk about this upcoming season and the upcoming goals me and this team have to try and accomplish this year. I just don't want to talk about Georgia. I want to keep all my focus on Ohio State."

Fields told ESPN.com choosing the Buckeyes was a “business decision,” he’s just working on getting to the NFL.

"I was just worried about the best place to develop me for the next level," Fields told Dan Murphy of ESPN.com. "That's the main thing I was looking for."

ESPN analyst Chris Fowler suggested last month at the College Football Playoff Media Day that the circumstances of Fields’ transfer could open ‘Pandora’s Box’ if he receives immediate eligibility.

“I can tell you after having called the Rose Bowl,” Fowler told DawgNation, “that they they are foaming at the mouth in Columbus at the prospect of having him there.”

Georgia fans didn’t hear anything at all from Fields last season.

Coach Kirby Smart’s policy prevents freshmen from talking, and Fields’ only availability was after the SEC Championship Game.

Fields hid from reporters after the Sugar Bowl, nowhere to be found in the open locker room setting after the loss to Texas.

Some had wondered why Fields came to play at Georgia at all after Fromm led the Bulldogs to an SEC title and the national championship game his freshman season.

“I feel like coming here kind of I could have probably gone some other places but I feel like coming here has definitely made me a better QB,” Fields said in December. “I feel like coming here like I didn’t want it to be handed to me like some other schools would have had. So I came here and I’m just going to keep working.”

That seemed to some that Fields intended to continue to compete for the starting job with the Bulldogs.

Especially when he was asked about what he would tell recruits about Georgia’s football future.

“I know this kind of sounds like a cliche’ but it is really the people that make Georgia who it is,” Fields said. “I mean I just think to myself weekly like I just thank God for him putting me. Thank God for putting me in the position I am with the people I am. He has definitely surrounded with people that are going to help me in life, football and all aspects.”