Jahaziel Lee returns to offensive tackle

Georgia Tech Jahaziel Lee (53) celebrates as their football game goes into the final moments against Virginia Tech on Saturday, Nov.11, 2017, in Atlanta. (Photo/John Amis)

Credit: John Amis

Credit: John Amis

Georgia Tech offensive lineman Jahaziel Lee has returned to offensive tackle, the position where he had played the first two seasons of his career. The junior had moved from tackle to center near the end of spring practice, when center Kenny Cooper suffered a foot injury.

While he had never played the position before, Lee took over at center as Cooper recovered, and Cooper assumed the full-time role against Virginia Tech.

“Just getting back in the hang of it and getting back into learning what I’ve been learning,” Lee said. “Same old, same old.”

Lee had previously played left tackle but now is at right tackle behind Andrew Marshall, who also moved to left tackle to give a break to Zach Quinney.

“Not a big difference,” Lee said. “The only difference is I get away from what I’d been used to, stepping with the right foot all the time. Now I’ve got to come back and step with my left foot most of the time, push off with my right foot. That’s the only difference.”

Coach Paul Johnson said that, for the most part, the trio of Quinney, Marshall and Lee will comprise a rotation at tackle going forward.

Lee was appreciative for Johnson reducing the number of plays that the offense has worked on and used in games, and also the amount of checks that the line can make before the snap to adjust blocking assignments. It has simplified the game for the linemen, Lee said.

“We were playing physical (against Virginia Tech) and we had ’em right where we wanted ’em,” Lee said. “We practiced right what they were going to play and we just came out and executed.”

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