Jackets identify most improved offensive players of spring practice

Jerry Howard breaks away for a touchdown in Georgia Tech's 37-10 win over Jacksonville State in the 2017 season opener. (Hyosub Shin/hshin@ajc.com)

Georgia Tech’s spring practice is in its final week, with the spring game scheduled for Friday night at Bobby Dodd Stadium. At the media availability on Monday following practice, offensive players were asked to name players who had caught their attention for their improvement. Wide receiver Jalen Camp was named three times, quarterback Lucas Johnson, A-back Omahri Jarrett and B-back Jerry Howard were named twice.

A-back Nathan Cottrell

A-back Xavier Gantt, Camp and Jarrett. (Cottrell also included “all of us A-backs” and “all the QB’s” and said that “on offensive line, there’s been some great people.”)

Jarrett is a sophomore who played in 10 games last season, mostly on special teams.

Cottrell on Jarrett: “He’s really settling in, knowing what’s going on on every single play, doesn’t have any hiccups. It’s been a great experience. I think for all the A-backs (there’s been improvement), like I said, but Omahri, he’s looking a lot more comfortable in it, and this spring has really helped him build up and get those reps in. It’s been good.”

Wide receiver Stephen Dolphus

Johnson, Camp and Howard.

Dolphus on Camp: “Camp, definitely. Camp has been making plays, but he’s definitely looking good out there.”

Wide receiver Jalen Camp 'has all the tools'

Quarterback TaQuon Marshall

Safety Christian Campbell, A-back/B-back Jordan Ponchez-Mason, Camp, Johnson and Howard. (Marshall also has been complimentary about the pass protection provided by the offensive line.)

Marshall on the offense: “I mean, the list goes on. I’ve seen a lot of guys just focus on some things each and every day and just make those strides to get better. I think a lot of guys have really progressed this spring and I’m looking forward to the season.”

A-back Qua Searcy

Dolphus and Jarrett.

Searcy on Dolphus, a sophomore who appeared in only three games last year but may now be the No. 3 receiver behind Brad Stewart and Camp: “I guess he just into the realization that he’s a big body and he just goes and gets the ball. You just throw it up and he comes down with it.”

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