Georgia State advance box

3 keys to the game

  • Georgia State will have to smooth out the jitters. On top of this being the school's first game, several players, including starting quarterback Drew Little, will be playing their first college games, too.
  • The Panthers' defense will have to stay disciplined against Shorter, which runs a triple-option offense similar to Georgia Tech's. While Georgia State has a decided talent advantage, defensive slip-ups can be costly against this offense, as Tech opponents have learned.
  • Stay ahead. With all of the adrenaline and emotion likely to be stewing, Shorter could rattle Georgia State by landing the first couple of punches.

Keep an eye on ...

For Georgia State: Wide receivers Sidney Haynes and Danny Williams. Don't be surprised if coach Bill Curry, wanting to make a strong first impression, flings it around. West Alabama, a Division II powerhouse, hit up Shorter for 373 passing yards last week.

For Shorter: Running back Octavious Edge. The Lovejoy High grad is the primary ballcarrier for Shorter.

Numbers game

11 Starters for Georgia State who transferred into the school

5 Radio stations, including flagship WCFO-AM 1160, that are part of the GSU radio network

28,000 Capacity for the Georgia Dome with the upper deck closed, which is how GSU will use the dome

The bottom line

This is a game two years in the making. Georgia State finally gets a chance to show what it can do.