Geoff Collins: Georgia Tech not motivated by spoiler role

Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins said his team will not concern itself with the chance to play spoiler this week. While causing opponents misery is part of the tradition of rivalries — the Tech fight song includes the line “To hell with Georgia” — Collins said that his team won’t take inspiration from the chance to dash No. 4 Georgia’s national championship hopes when the teams meet Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

“We’re completely focused on ourselves,” Collins said Tuesday at his weekly news conference. “We understand the program that we’re going against — great players, great coaches and a great venue — but it’s all about us and getting ourselves wired and ready to go.”

The statement was consistent with Collins’ approach through his first season, to keep the attention on his own team’s preparation and development and not on the opponent’s schemes or personnel.

“Because the second you start letting external things affect you, then you set yourself up to be up and down and here and there instead of, every single day, focusing on yourself and how you can get better and how you can play at your highest level and perform at your highest level every single day,” he said. “That’s all we’re worried about.”