Eason Fromayan foregoing final season at Tech for unlikely reason

Georgia Tech offensive tackle Eason Fromayan will forego his final year of eligibility with an eye on a career in professional sports, but it’s not the NFL.

Fromayan, who has started seven games for the Yellow Jackets this season, wants a job in NASCAR, coach Paul Johnson said Wednesday.

“He wants to be on a pit crew,” Johnson said. “I think he’s got some ties or some lead-ins.”

Fromayan is on track to graduate from Tech in December with a business administration degree. The jump from major-college football or even the NFL to NASCAR pit crew has been made previously, as the strength, size, quickness and sense of teamwork that football players typically possess lend themselves well to the work of a pit crew.

Players giving up remaining eligibility to graduate and move on is not unususal at Tech, though most who make that decision usually don’t play as much as Fromayan has this season.

“That’s why a lot of them come to school here, so they can set themselves up for the future,” Johnson said. “That’s what they’re looking for.”