Competition on for starting left tackle job

A race is on for the starting left tackle spot for Georgia Tech.

Andrew Marshall, who in his first two seasons has primarily served as the backup to center Freddie Burden, has been getting a look at left tackle, competing with Eason Fromayan and Jake Stickler.

“I think it’s a pretty good battle going on right now,” offensive line coach Mike Sewak said Monday following the team’s afternoon practice. “(Offensive line coach Ron West) has some good guys over there doing it, especially with getting Andy Marshall some reps over there.”

Fromayan, a junior, entered camp as the No. 1. Stickler has impressed teammates with better play in the preseason after appearing in only two games last season as a redshirt freshman, although Sewak said that he will miss time with an undisclosed injury.

“I think Andy Marshall can compete to be the starter at left tackle,” Sewak said.

Marshall is continuing to get practice repetitions at center behind Burden. Besides left tackle, the other four spots appear relatively secure, with Will Bryan at left guard, Burden at center, Shamire Devine at right guard and Trey Klock at right tackle.

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