Q&A: Vad Lee, Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech quarterback Vad Lee talked with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the keys to the Yellow Jackets’ season:

Q: Do you feel like you can take on more of a leadership role this year as the No. 1 quarterback?

A: I definitely feel like I can do more now. It wasn't frustration last year. It was just, you can't do that, simply because you've got somebody in front of you. We had a big summer this year. … (There were) a lot of events and stuff that I kind of planned and everybody had been coming to and stuff like that. That's probably something I couldn't have done my freshman year. That's real exciting, just trying to get everybody on page, on board, so we can do big things.

Q: It must help to have a lot of experienced players around you on offense.

A: It does. I know one guy, (B-back) David Sims, he definitely makes my job easier simply because he's like a coach. I think he wants to go into coaching after he's done and sometimes, when I have a mess-up or something or even before I change a play or something, David's behind me saying, "What are you going to do? What are you going to do?" That's kind of good to have. So he allows me to stay fresh at all times.