Florida State WR Kenny Shaw has developed into ‘dependable’ player for coach Jimbo Fisher

Kenny Shaw knew what practice would be like. At some point, Jimbo Fisher would share his displeasure with him.

Shaw is fast, one of the quickest players on Florida State’s roster. He’s an excellent route-runner, arguably the best the Seminoles have. Toughness? Shaw has taken plenty of hits through the years.

But there was a sense that he could be delivering more.

“Kenny has become so dependable,” Fisher said. “He does so many things. Kenny has such a great football IQ. And now he’s applying it with consistency. Sometimes I used to get mad with Kenny more than anybody because I knew his intelligence level, and I knew his instincts. But now it’s really being consistent.”

Shaw caught 34 passes as a sophomore and 33 as a junior, but with FSU’s receiving corps thinned over the summer by injury (Scooter Haggins), academics (Willie Haulstead) and off-field issues (Greg Dent), Shaw has delivered in the first two games. He has 10 catches for 188 yards, including a 24-yard touchdown grab in Saturday’s 62-7 rout over Nevada.

“Dependable means he don’t yell at me every day,” Shaw said. “We used to get into it every day. I came to practice knowing that he was going to argue with me, but that was my fault because I wasn’t consistent enough.

“When he says dependable, that’s something you want a head coach to say about you.”