Hawks-Raptors postgame quotes

What they said after the Hawks’ 105-80 loss to the Raptors Friday night:

Mike Budenholzer

Opening statement: "I think you have to give Toronto a lot of credit. They gave it to us good tonight. There are a lot of reasons that we didn't play well. They are a big part of that so credit to them. We need to be better in a lot of different areas."

On poor shooting: "There were some shots that come within our offense and come within the flow that we are going to hit a higher percentage. Tonight wasn't our night. I think their defense had something to do with it. And I think there were some shots we took that probably weren't great. I think in the flow of the game, when it was still a game, there were a lot of shots that we probably will live with."

On third quarter: "Not so much the shots and the offense. I think there are some nights when you are not going to make shots. That's what we've said, that you've got to be better defensively on those nights. You have to rely on your defense when you are not making shots. I don't think we were good on the defensive end of the court. I'm probably more concerned with the shots they were getting, the open looks they were getting, the second shots they were getting, the loose balls they were getting. I think the offense, at least tonight, not our biggest concern."

Al Horford

On loss: "We just didn't play good at all. It's hard to explain. I felt like we missed some shots there early in the third and got a little discouraged. You have to give them credit. They were so ready to play. They really took it to us."

On defense: "I personally think, we are not going to make excuses we can do better, but it has to do some with rust. I feel like we weren't as sharp as we were before. Those are things we can correct."

On third quarter: "Just sloppy. We were throwing the ball all over the place, bad turnovers, bad shots. We took some good ones too but we were all taking bad shots. I understand we are trying to get the rhythm and getting back to playing but tomorrow we'll have a good practice, a good film session, and we are going to be better from this."

DeMarre Carroll

On loss: "Turnovers. When you turn the ball over like that against a good team they are going to take advantage of it. Defensively, we weren't the aggressive team. We came out lackadaisical, soft, no physicality. That's what you get with no physicality."

On defense: "We've been off for a lot of days. We can't really overreact. At the same time, the turnovers that's something you can't overreact to. And defensively, that is something we can't overreact to. We can't really overreact to the shots. We were getting some shots we normally make."

Kyle Korver

On being out of sync, the team and personally: "Yes, pretty much the whole game. I don't think we ever got into a rhythm as a team. There are lots of easy excuses. Put in on the break, it's been a long stretch here with a lot of things going on. We should be better as a collective group. We need to play better."

On third quarter: "That third quarter was rough. We had good shots that we missed. We had bad looks that we got blocked. It was a microcosm of the whole game. I don't think we ever got in sync."