Hawks-Kings postgame quotes

What they said after the Hawks’ 130-105 victory over the Kings Monday night:

Coach Mike Budenholzer

Opening statement: "I think it was a night that we were fortunate that we made a lot of shots. We were able to get a rhythm going offensively. We caught them. They are in the middle of a tough schedule, a lot of road games. So, it was a good offensive performance."

On 42 assists: "That is something that we emphasize. We talk a lot about our ball movement. Guys have to make the shots for there to be the assist. I think the pace into everything, getting into screens, coming off screens, there was a good energy, a good crispness to the offense. It allowed us to get into a good place."

On whether rest had impact: "You never know. It's one of those things that you are constantly debating and discussing, hoping to keep guys in a healthy, energetic place. You could see that the legs were good on a lot of guys tonight. It helps us."

On Kyle Korver: "He got some good looks and he made them. He is the hardest on himself. Anytime he can see the ball go in the basket and get into a good rhythm, he's got so many things that he really checks into deeply. To get him into a good place is important. He'll want to follow it up with another good game and another good game. That is just the way he is built."

On defensive job on DeMarcus Cousins: "That would probably be one of the things that was a big emphasis coming into the game. DeMarcus Cousins is such a good low-post player. If you can limit his catches, especially deep where he is so effective, I thought our guys worked really hard to make his catches tough. That's not easy to do. It takes the whole group working together. Al (Horford) and Elton (Brand) mostly but others switched on him. The activity of our post defense is something we can build on."

DeMarre Carroll

On rest helping: "I never thought about that. I probably did. Legs felt good. As you can tell, we were shooting the ball really well. We were playing with a lot of energy. So, I'm pretty sure the rest helped us."

On offensive success: "We are just unselfish. We don't care who gets the glory. This is a high-character team. I think that is why we are so unselfish because we'll pass up a good shot to get a great shot. If you've got guys like that on your team who don't care who gets the glory that's what happens. You set the record for assists. Offensively we were good but we didn't play too much defense. That is something we have to get better at."

Jeff Teague

On 42 assists: "Getting back to the swing of things, moving the ball, playing unselfishly. When we play like that it's good basketball."

On offense: "We were just playing Hawks basketball, looking for the open man. We were clicking on all cylinders tonight."

Al Horford

On difference: "I know that our guys, we were making a lot of shots. Our guards, everybody really, were making shots. We were getting a lot of good shots. Some nights they don't go in. Tonight, they were going in. It happens like that."

On best thing about game: "Definitely the high assist totals. I think that was pretty cool. Guys really converting. Coach is going to look at it and say defensively (we need to improve). We did get some good things tonight."

Paul Millsap

On records: "It's a good accomplishment. We worked hard this year. The job is not done. We still have a lot to learn. We still have a lot to get done."

On postgame message from Budenholzer: "He really didn't say anything, to be honest with you. It's just another win to him. We shot the ball great. As long as we move the ball, things that we are good at, things like that will happen."

Kyle Korver

On 20 3-pointers: "I looked at the stat sheet. I knew we hit a bunch of shots but I didn't know we hit 20. It's a big number. … We are trying to do something special. If you approach every day the right way, good things happen along the way. That's all this is. I don't think anyone is going to go home and brag about it or write home to mom. It was fun night."