Hawks’ Bazemore reaches fans with app

Kent Bazemore loves social media.

The Hawks guard is active on Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Facebook. He interacts with fans, does ticket and apparel giveaways, posts photos of his dogs. Bazemore once even conversed with his favorite author after mentioning him in a tweet.

This summer when he discussed upgrades to his website, his agent had a better idea. The gregarious Bazemore needed his own app.

It’s here.

After approximately six months of meetings, planning, prototypes, even a complete remake, Bazemore announced the release of the free app to android and iPhone users Friday. He even produced a YouTube video to explain the ins and outs of the application.

“I just wanted to branch out,” Bazemore said. “Social media has been a big part of my career in the NBA. … Pretty much anything I press send on my phone, you can see and have access to. It’s a one-stop shop to keep up with me, see how the Hawks are doing, anything.”

Bazemore is the third NBA player to have his own app. LeBron James and Brandon Jennings also have apps but they are more lifestyle oriented. Bazemore’s app features his statistics, a fantasy tracker, video highlights, team schedule, chat opportunities, social media links and contests. He plans to give out tickets to Hawks games around the country.

“It’s all about engaging with the fans,” agent Austin Walton said. “A lot of people aren’t like that. He wanted to be a pioneer.”

The app features Bazemore’s new logo, done by Under Armour, and he plans to give away apparel with the design in contests.

Bazemore became a fan favorite while playing for the Warriors and Lakers in his first two seasons after going undrafted out of Old Dominion. The term ‘Bazemoring’ was coined at Golden State for his sideline support of a teammate’s good play. Yes, they were even t-shirts. The Hawks signed him to a two-year deal as a free agent this summer.

Bazemore said his time in the NBA, even as a reserve, has been enhanced by his interactions with fans. He once mentioned on Twitter that Brad Thor was his favorite author. It led to conversation with the writer via direct message. Bazemore said social media allows him to be a role model to young followers.

“There are a lot of people you can touch,” Bazemore said. “It’s an outlet. … You never know who is watching. It’s a great way to let people see who you are.”