Ferry on Patterson

Here is what Hawks general manager Danny Ferry had to say about the late draft-night acquisition of Lamar Patterson, who was selected by the Bucks with the 48th overall pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

“Lamar is a player who really knows how to play basketball,” Ferry said. “He is smart, a good feel for the game, very good passer and he will fit into our system in regard to his ability to see the court and pass the ball.”

Patterson (6-foot-5, 212 pounds) played four seasons at Pittsburgh. He averaged 17.1 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.3 assists in 32.6 minutes during his senior year. The Hawks acquired Patterson for a 2015 second-round pick. Currently the Hawks will have their own second-round pick and a second-round pick from the Nets (via the Jazz).