Fans overwhelmingly support keeping Braves name

Braves fans perform the "Tomahawk Chop" during a game at SunTrust Park - now Truist Park - in Atlanta.

Credit: Alyssa Pointer

Credit: Alyssa Pointer

Braves fans perform the "Tomahawk Chop" during a game at SunTrust Park - now Truist Park - in Atlanta.

The Braves have been part of Atlanta’s fabric for more than 50 years. The franchise, however, is “the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in America,” dating to 1871 when it began in Boston as the Red Stockings. The team was renamed as Braves in 1912, and that name remained as the team moved from Boston to Milwaukee to Atlanta.

There has been pressure placed on some organizations — such as the NFL's Washington Redskins and MLB's Cleveland Indians — to change their names. In a recent statement, Atlanta's team didn't suggest it was considering a name change.

The Braves steadfastly believe the name “honors, supports and values the Native American community.”

Team chairman Terry McGuirk told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "We are so proud of our team's name, and our expectation is that we will always be the Atlanta Braves."


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As a whole Braves fans are in agreement.

We asked readers to take our seven-question survey. Over two days, we received nearly 6,000 responses to our poll. Here are their responses:

Do you believe Braves name is offensive?

Yes - 534 (9.4%) No - 5,146 (90.6%)

Should the team change its name?

Yes - 695 (12.8%) No - 4,748 (87.2%)

Would you continue to support team if team changed its name?

Yes - 3,202 (59.9%) No - 2,145 (40.1%)

Should the team stop and/or discourage the chant and “Tomahawk Chop?”

Yes - 1,332 (24.6%) No - 4,085 (75.4%)

Should symbols associated with Braves name - i.e., Tomahawk - continue if name stays?

Yes - 4,262 (79.2%) No - 1,119 (20.8%)

Would you support team if team didn’t change name?

Yes - 5,031 (93.5%) No - 349 (6.5%)

If changed, what should the name be?

Brave - 1,487 (30.7%) Hammers -376 (7.8%) Thrashers - 187 (3.8%) Peaches - 251 (5.2%) Something else? - 2,547 (52.5%)