Braves quotes after Saturday’s 11-inning win against Mets

NEW YORK — Braves quotes after Saturday’s 11-inning comeback win against the Mets.


On the wild finish, getting thrown out in 8th, then getting two big hits in 9th and 11th

“It’s just fun to win, man. Especially against these guys. They’ve been playing well against us. We felt like we let them off the hook a few times this year. Shelby went out and competed his butt off, and our bullpen did a great job keeping us in the game.”

On last few innings, Fredi said some miscommunication on steal, then maybe ready outfielder wrong, then to come through with two big hits….

“It’s part of the game. Luckily we still had the chance to be in the game. Miscommunication things we can clean up, but again, just a big win for us.”

On the bullpen putting up some zeroes after rough few weeks

“Again, we believe in those guys every time they come in the game. They come into the game for a reason, they’ve got a job to do and we believe in those guys. That’s the name of the game, they continue to go out, continue to compete, continue to battle. They continue to give us their best effort, and that’s all you can ask for.”

What’s been the key to your success with runners in scoring position?

“Just not panicking, sticking with my approach. Seitz (hitting coach Kevin Seitzer) has done a really good job of staying on me about not changing when runners get out there, keeping the same approach as when I’m leading off an inning. I’ve done a really good job of honing in on that and being disciplined in that approach.”


On his four hits and a walk

“That was a good day.”

That was a eventful afternoon, huh?

“Yes, yes, yes. Guys battled their butts off. That’s fun about this team – we make a lot of contact and we stay in games.”

On Maybin coming through with big hits after getting thrown out at plate

“Oh, man, he’s been … To be honest, like, I played against him. He’s changed a lot. He’s a whole different hitter now. He goes up there every at-bat and battles. He’s a tough out. He’s been playing great defense in center field. He’s been an awesome addition.”

On winning one of these after some tough losses recently

“Yeah, we had a couple of tough games. We’ve been battling to stay in games. Some of them, like last night, it didn’t work out. But we’re giving ourselves a chance. That’s all you can do. You can’t change the results, but you can always give yourself a chance.”

On bullpen coming through after some recent struggles

“Awesome, man. They used everybody, even brought in Williams. They did a good job. Hats off to them.”

On Freeman coming through again

“We expect him to. (Laughs.) It’s almost expected of him to come through now.”


On the rollercoaster game and coming out with a win

“Man, the last thing you said was ‘a win,’ and that’s all that matters. We got that. Our offense battled so hard in the top of the ninth to get those runs and get us back in the game. Kudos to them for doing that. Bullpen came in after that and shut it down, which is awesome.

“I felt good, just kind of had a rough seventh. Made some bad pitches, ended up breaking d’Arnaud’s bat for a base hit, two runs score, what can you do about that? But at the end of the day we won the game.”

Seemed like you showed your frustration when you came into the dugout after leaving the game

“Yeah, I was frustrated because obviously this is a big series. We’re trying to get a couple of games back on the Mets, and to give up two runs – we’re losing the ballgame at that point, and I’m pretty upset about it. That, and just the mix of emotions, just all together.”

On Freeman’s first-inning homer staking him to a 1-0 lead against a very tough pitcher, Jacob deGrom

“It was awesome. I knew (deGrom) has been pitching well, especially at home. We expect those kinds of things out of Freeman. He’s one of the best hitters in the game, and it shows tonight, what he did. Putting the ball in play and getting base hits and scoring runs, that’s huge. It’s always nice to pitch with the lead, and I’m just glad we won the game.”

On Maybin’s performance, especially after getting thrown out and then getting the big hits in ninth and 11th

“He’s huge. He’s a key to our success right now. I was looking at the numbers in there, I didn’t even know he was leading the league in runners with scoring position (batting) average. He’s batting, like. 500 (with RISP). It’s amazing. He’s a hell of a player, great guy, great teammate, and we’re glad to have him in center field.”


On the game

“DeGrom was nasty, and Shelby was, as well. It was a 3-1 game, and we didn’t give up. We battled and battled. I think both teams were on fumes in the bullpens, and we were able to convert.

“Cameron Maybin was terrific at the plate. Got three RBIs, two RBIs in extra innings to be able to win us the game. And using Williams (Perez) there. We didn’t know how he was going to react, but we didn’t have any other option but to go to him, and he did a nice job.”

It got overshadowed, but how about Simmons’ four hits, walk

“His approach is unbelievable. And everybody really, offensively. Freeman’s at-bat there against Torres – boy, he stuck his nose in there against a tough left-hander and tied the game. We battled.”

On Maybin stealing third and getting thrown out at plate

“I think the stolen base was just a missed sign, a miscommunication. I think on the shallow fly ball, him and Bo (third-base coach Bo Porter) read that the (left fielder’s) momentum was going to carry him toward the stands a little bit, and you’ve got to make guys make plays. And Maybin’s a guy that can run a little bit. He pressed the issue there a little bit, and he made a good throw and a good tag. Bang-bang.”

On Maybin making amends in a big way after getting thrown out at plate

“But he’s been so darn good. Even Petey, laying down the sacrifice bunt there and getting those guys in scoring position.”

For now, you still plan to start Perez on Monday?

“Right now, we’re talking through it. What did he go, eight, nine pitches? (Nine.) But it’s not just the pitches, it’s warming up in the bullpen. We’re going to talk to Eddie (Perez, bullpen coach), how many (warmup) pitches did he throw? Because his side day was yesterday or today, and we held him back on purpose because we didn’t want to use Aardsma today; he’s pitched a lot. Cunniff, we were going to try to keep him (resting today) from the other night in the extra-inning game we played at home. The plan today was to use (Perez) in an emergency, and today was an emergency.

“As of right now, 8 o’clock on Saturday, he is scheduled to pitch on Monday.”

On Perez reaction after game

“He was laughing coming out, saying, ‘Watch out, Grilli.’ It’s fun. It’s a fun game when you win these extra-inning games.”