Matthew Stafford: ‘That last drive was a special drive, one I’ll never forget’

Excerpts from the postgame news conference with Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. The former Georgia player won his first Super Bowl with a 23-20 victory over the Bengals in his first season with the Rams.

On winning the Super Bowl: “It feels great. Just so happy to be able to celebrate this with such great teammates and my family, people who mean the most to me and so proud of this group, and it’s a special feeling.”

On the end of the game: “That last drive was a special drive, one I’ll never forget. It was so many great plays by so many great players. Just so happy to get it done and, I don’t know - it, it’s, I’m speechless.”

On his ankle injured during the game: “Oh, it’s still attached, so we’re good.”

On his family: “Yeah, just so fun to be able to celebrate it with them and so many special teammates to celebrate it with, too. In one year, being able to get to know these guys the way I’ve gotten to know them. The way they care for each other and play for each other is pretty special.”

On loss of Odell Beckham Jr. during game: “It was tough, you know, they played a bunch of man coverage, they were doubling (Cooper Kupp) on every third down and, you know, we just missed on a few plays here and there that could’ve been big plays for us, and on that final drive, I thought (coach) Sean (McVay) did an unbelievable job of letting us go out there and play with a bunch of tempo. So many guys stepped up, Coop obviously had some huge plays, and then the game-winner was just icing on the cake.”

On his NFL career: “Yeah, I mean, it’s probably going to take some time, you know, I’m going to have to think about it. I know in the moment I was … I didn’t know what to think. I was just a little emotional and so happy to be a world champ and so happy to be a part of this group. That’s the biggest thing, it’s not me, it’s not any individual on this team. We’re a group, we’re a team, and to get it done together was so special.”

On the final touchdown pass: “It was man coverage, no help over the top, and Coop did a great job winning on his route. I tried to put it in a good spot, and he made a great catch.”

On his wife: “Just proud of me, happy for me, you know, she’s been with me through all these years, and we’ve battled so many things together. You know, to get it done and have her down there with the kids and everything is such a special thing.”

On the defense on the final drive: “Yeah, they were unbelievable, they’ve been unbelievable all season. Their play is so good, and to be honest with you on that last drive, I couldn’t watch. After that fourth-down play, I kind of peaked up; I didn’t even know it was fourth down, to be honest with you, and I was talking to Coop, and he’s like I didn’t know, either. We couldn’t watch, and how fitting for Aaron (Donald) to do what Aaron does and he’s been an unbelievable player, a Hall of Fame player, in this league for so long. He’s done everything right for this team and for this organization, and for him to come up and do what he does on fourth down to win it means everything.”