Falcons’ Michael Pitre with a Bijan Robinson update

FLOWERY BRANCH – Falcons running back coach Michael Pitre gave an update Friday on how rookie running back Bijan Robinson is coming along in training camp.

“Wild eyes,” Pitre said. “He has to be able to have disciplined eyes and understand where his run reads are at and trust that the other 10 guys are going to do their job and he does his job. That will allow the big plays to be able to happen.”

Robinson has played well in practice. He had a couple of fumbles Wednesday, but has since taken care of the football.

“I just know what we are going to ask him to do in Atlanta,” Pitre said. “That’s what we talk about every day, the discipline and details that we need to have from play in and play out. Our alignment. Our stance. Our eyes. All of those little things are going to allow him to play faster and ultimately allow him to be successful, which will ultimately help the football team.”

Robinson has moved around the offense, shuffling from running back and wide receiver.

“He’s doing well,” Pitre said. “He’s shown some flashes of doing some really good things. I think he’s dealt with some adversity as well. It’s been good to see how he is going to respond when things don’t go his way.

“How is going to respond after he does make a good play. He’s a mature individual. He understands why we brought him here. It’s to be a good teammate and help this football team.”

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