Falcons’ Bijan Robinson ready to stick to the plan

Credit: Miguel Martinez

Credit: Miguel Martinez

FLOWERY BRANCH — Falcons rookie running back Bijan Robinson managed the emotional roller-coaster ride Sunday in his NFL debut and is ready for more action.

“It was awesome,” said Robinson, who played a key role in the 24-10 win over the Panthers. “It was such a blessing to be out there and play a full game because I haven’t played a full game like that since November … (and) really show what I could do. Really show what we’ve all been working on.”

Robinson scored on an 11-yard reception, in which he made three Panthers players miss. He rushed 10 times for 56 yards and caught six passes for 27 yards.

“I feel like I was comfortable out there,” Robinson said. “Now, that I’ve got the full game under my belt, I want to get to another one. I had so much fun. I can’t wait for the Packers’ game (1 p.m. Sunday, Mercedes-Benz Stadium).”

Robinson was comfortable with his role in the offense.

“I feel great about it,” Robinson said. “They’ve got a plan for me, and I’ve got to follow that plan the right way. What coach (Arthur) Smith, (running backs) coach (Michael) Pitre and Rags (offensive coordinator Dave Ragone) have for me, whatever they have me do, wherever they line me up, I’m going to give 100% and try to do my best to use the gifts that I’ve been given by God. Just have fun out there.”

As anticipated, Robinson was moved around the offense and played some at slot receiver.

“I know I line up in a lot of spots, and wherever I’m at, I have to (give) 100% for my teammates so they can count on me to do something great with the ball,” Robinson said.

Robinson is expecting the Falcons to ask him to do more as he gets comfortable.

“We do a lot of different things,” Robinson said. “Not just me, but everybody in this offense. How they want to use skill players. They use us to create mismatches and create matchups in space. They want to do everything as much as possible to get us in space.”

Robinson hasn’t noticed any major differences from playing in the college ranks.

“I think the biggest difference was just playing a lot of different positions,” Robinson said. “Just kind of getting myself in supreme shape because in college it was just running back. I would play receiver here and there.

“But now I’m doing a lot of different things to create for other players and trying to create for (quarterback) Desmond (Ridder) to find the open look. That’s probably the only change that I have from college to the NFL.”

Ragone has been impressed with how the rookie has handled things.

“He’s starting to understand and is grasping the aspects of being a professional,” Ragone said. “Again, there is natural ability that you see on field. Again, you saw it in the game. There is also the mental part that he is growing each day with.”

Pitre believes the workload for Robinson and fellow running back Tyler Allgeier will vary from week to week. Also, running back/wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson could return this week.

“We are trying to utilized their skill sets and put some stress on the defense,” Pitre said. “I don’t know if you would say specifically this how we completely envision using them. It’s kind of how the flow of the game is going. What are they giving us? What can we get to? I think week to week it’s going to be different.”

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