Bengals’ Joe Burrow built for the Super Bowl stage

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Here’s a quick by-the-numbers look at Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Credit: AJC

Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow plans to make the most of reaching the Super Bowl in his second season in the league.

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“You see guys going their entire career without ever getting to the Super Bowl,” Burrow said Monday. “So, when you do get there, you really have to hunker down and take advantage of those opportunities.”

The Bengals put in most of their game plan last week. Burrow said there were some things to “iron out” before the game Sunday.

The former Ohio State player who transferred to LSU and won a national championship is turning into a cult hero and fashion icon. He was seen sporting some cool sunglasses and a diamond-encrusted necklace after the AFC title game.

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“I don’t really consciously think about it,” Burrow said. “I just wear stuff that I think I would like, you know, it’s not like I’m shopping and (are) like, ‘Oh, everyone would love this.’ I just have always kind of not cared what anybody thinks about what I wear, what I do. I just wear stuff that I like.”

Credit: ArLuther Lee

Credit: ArLuther Lee

Bengals coach Zac Taylor doesn’t think the Super Bowl stage will be too big for Burrow.

“He’s built for this stage,” Taylor said. “He’s played for state championships. He’s played for national championships. Now he’s playing for the Super Bowl. I think that’s been his expectation all along. He’s not surprised by it. He rises to these occasions.”

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